{pretty, happy, funny, real} Take 1

The “About Me” Edition

Since this blog and I are new, I’d thought I’d introduce myself a little.



Books make me happy. I not only love to read them, but I also decorate with them. I do not let a book into my house unless I love it. If it happens to be a beautiful edition, even better. If I’m feeling extra introverted and need a little quiet time, I’ll stand at the shelf and read my book titles. Gives me a little fuzzy happy feeling.




My family. This is what makes me happiest. A wonderful God-fearing husband who truly steps up and leads. He also happens to be pretty fun. Also, 4 great kids. I am truly blessed by God to have this family.



Yep, he’s digging with both fingers. He is nothing if not efficient. Having a toddler in the house again has been such a joy! He keeps us laughing constantly. We enjoy all the extra snuggles and kisses too.



Clutter on our school/dining room table makes me crazy. But looking at it from this vantage point- it’s not so bad. Those roses my hubby gave me for our anniversary were beautiful (when they were alive, haha). I found the yummy apple pie candle while shopping with my sister. My kids read books!  They are everywhere, but they are being read! We all have lots of room to spread out at this table. I say that’s pretty wonderful.

One of my favorite blogs to read, Like Mother, Like Daughter, hosts this linkup. Head on over and see everyone else’s {phfr} for today!


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